I genuinely believe that clothing gives people power. I love working with smart powerful women because they inspire me to do what I love to do.

Fashion styling is incredibly valuable at transition times, such as when you are embarking on a new career, seeking a promotion, weight change, dating (again), graduating college, entering or re-entering the workplace, preparing for a special occasion.

*Signature Consultation & Evaluation

Experience Tonia’s one-on-one *Signature Consultation & Evaluation to create a look based on your individual body type, attitude, clothing style, and budget. Learn what styles work well for your body shape and more importantly, why. Relieve stress and save time and money.


  • Optimize Time & Money
  • Maximize Your Wardrobe
  • Attitude Shift -Dress with confidence
  • Know what to Wear Every Day Effortlessly







Closet Transformation -Audit & Organize

Includes Tonia’s Signature Wardrobe Consultation & Evaluation

How many of us are guilty of having a closet full of clothes yet we still have nothing to wear? Busy schedules and emotional attachments often prevent us from delaying the inevitable purging that we need to do. Discover how to manage your wardrobe and streamline your dressing routine.

Tonia will audit and organize your closet, by items worn for work and leisure, coordinated by color and style, accessorizing and coordinating techniques. Organize your clothes, shoes and accessories so everything is orderly and accessible to you.

  • Complete an assessment questionnaire
  • Assess your wardrobe, body shape and lifestyle
  • Review styles that flatter your figure and why
  • Evaluate your wardrobe
  • Weed/Discard ill fitting clothing
  • Organize your closet
  • Create New Outfits with what’s in your closet
  • Photos of you in your outfits- Before & After Photos

Total Wardrobe Makeover

Includes Signature Consultation & Evaluation & Closet Transformation

Are you confused about your wardrobe and what you should buy to look your best?

Tonia has a keen eye for finding quality clothing and accessories that fit your budget, and lifestyle.

10 hours total (can be completed in a 2-3 day period) Each Season

Personal Shopping

Has your wardrobe deteriorated? Have you lost confidence in your shopping ability? Do you feel you have no personal style?

  • Determine the key articles of clothing to round off your wardrobe
  • Create an image you desire and introduce new looks that work for you
  • Shop for new elements that freshen up your existing wardrobe

Seasonal Shopping Spruce up your wardrobe each season with the newest latest and greatest fashions you can mix and match to your existing wardrobe to create new stylish looks for each new season.

Special Occasion Professional Presentation, Class reunion, Award Dinner, Wedding, or any other Special Occasion? Tonia will help you with your formal occasion styling and guide you as you create a picture-perfect ensemble for that special evening. Tonia will help you choose clothing and accessories that will make you look and feel great- no matter what you are doing!

Other Services

Retaining Services

Monthly Shopping –Tonia will shop for you throughout the month and will seek and find the perfect items at the right price that will continue to add style and flair to your wardrobe.

Seasonal Wardrobe Closet Refresher –Invite Tonia back to refresh your wardrobe and ready it for the next season. Shift things around in your closet for everything you need to look and feel great will be visible and accessible for continued stress free dressing.

Precision Packing

Leaving on a trip? Be it vacation or business, I can relieve the stress of “what to take, what to wear and how much to take.” Don’t leave your carefully constructed image and personal style at home! Together, we will ensure your travel wardrobe has you dressed appropriately for every tour, event and activity. From fully versatile to carrying minimal pieces, leave it to me—your personal image consultant—we will make this part of your vacation a seamless one.


Click here to download and complete the consultation form.

Virtual Consultation

Want Tonia’s advice but don’t have time for a total closet audit or shopping expedition? Try Tonia’s Virtual Consultation. Here’s how it works: You fill out the consultation form and return it to Tonia via mail or email with a photo of yourself. Tonia will email you a complete analysis, which includes wardrobe recommendations on clothing styles and shapes best suited for your body, age and lifestyle.

“On-the Spot” Fashion Advice

6 months

one year

$100 ($50 per seasonal update on style and color trends)

Please Note:

In-home Signature Wardrobe Consultation & Evaluation includes one hour round trip travel within a 25-mile radius. Additional fee of $2.25 is added for each additional mile. Half day includes AM or PM session, based on 3 hours. Each additional hour is $150. Payment for Half-day rate is due at time of scheduling your session.

Consultation & Evaluation, and Personal Shopping, Seasonal Shopping or Special Occasion shopping is a per hour rate. Carting eliminated clothing, additional $50. Precision Packing (1-1/2 hours) does not include consultation & evaluation. Consultation & Evaluation is available at an extra charge.